Wildlife & Deer Management throughout Kent

Not many people realise that to keep the countryside in ecological balance, it needs the help of modern science deployed by pest controllers and game keepers.

Keeping the balance means controlling numbers so that other animals, insects, rodents and birds can thrive, but also that flora and fauna thrives too. When the population of one particular animal become out of control, the numbers need to be brought under control.

As expert, proficient and professional pest controllers, SOS Pest Control have all the methods and treatments at their disposal that you would expect of a modern day pest control company.

What wildlife pests need controlling?

Deer Management is an essential part of managing a wooded area or large estate, but for obvious reasons, is a hotly debated topic. However, control of deer closely managed and monitored with influential groups like Natural England producing research papers on the best uses of treatments and methods.

As qualified pest controllers, we take this seriously and can offer a variety of solutions to the problems that deer can cause;

  • Damage to trees, woodland and habitats
  • Whole scale damage to farm crops, gardens and orchards
  • Overgrazing can also present a real issue for farmers too
  • Deer involved in traffic accidents in some area are high, with Natural England reporting between 20 ,000 and 60,000 deer-related road traffic accidents in recent years
  • Too high a deer population can lead to ill health within a herd

However, we also want to keep deer safe too and not let their numbers dwindle to a “too-low” population as they also provide an important function. There are a variety of techniques we can use from deer-proof fencing through to tree guards, and other deterrents. Managed culls on an annual basis are also a possibility.

Rabbits are another pest that can cause huge problems in land management. Their numbers can quickly multiply with the damage they cause to crops and land extensive. Their burrowing into the ground can leave the ground unstable, presenting issues for horse riders and other recreational facilities.

As professional and qualified pest controllers, we have a whole array of method available from gassing and culling, through to trapping, as well as a variety of preventing measures such as fencing.

Foxes, the natural predator of the rabbit live in both an urban and rural setting. They cause unique problems in towns and cities, but in the countryside they can present significant difficulties such as attacking livestock, from lambs to chickens and more, presenting serious financial impact for farmers.  Again, we offer a range of options from trapping and shooting, as well as preventative measures such as control and proofing equipment.

Badgers ignite fierce debate in the UK and, as a protected species, they need to be treated with care whilst balancing the damage they do the land. Badgers are peaceful animals and our services include how to live with them in your area, both domestic and commercial. We provide expert advice on living with badgers and can take appropriate measure to badger proof your garden, so that you wouldn’t even know the badgers are there.

The mole is also another burrowing animal that can present significant issues for landowners. Like rabbits, their excessive tunnelling – which increases during the mating season – can leave the ground unstable, a hidden fact that only becomes apparent when it collapses under the weight of animals, people or heavy rain. As well as unstable ground, the waste of their burrowing activities, molehills, also make the ground uneven, dangerous and unsightly.

Again, we have a range of methods at our disposal, which, after a thorough and objective assessment of the magnitude of the problem, will be used to control you mole population problem. We can trap or gas, two methods not open to all pest controllers without the necessary training and certification.

Wild Boars, although rare can also be managed, please contact us to discuss your options.

Land management is an important aspect of maintaining and protecting our countryside, effective pest control and management is an important part of this process so you need qualified, experienced and professional pest controllers who understand the need for balance and control.

SOS Pest Control have pest control operatives who are qualified to a high standard in the control and prevention of a wide variety of pests, as well as in the use of equipment and a variety of pesticides and insecticides.  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever a pest problem arises, we are on hand to help.

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