Wasp Nest Removal & Bee Control throughout Kent

Summer is the season to be enjoyed; it is the time of year we look forward to using our garden, sitting and dining with friends and family, as well as watching children play. But, with a wasp nest on your back door step or a bee colony living in the garden borders this can be nigh on impossible!

Wasps and bees are two stinging insect that strike fear into many people and with good reason; their sting can be painful but for some people deadly. When they decide to make their nests near our homes, they can present a lot of difficulty and distress.


Wasps have a short life span; springing into life in the spring and dying off in late autumn. Unlike other species, once they leave the nest, they do not return the following year. If you can live with them through the summer months, you can simply remove the vacated nest in the autumn.

However, when they make their home close to ours, this is when problems can occur. Wasps do not welcome the intrusion of humans and, if their feel their colony is under attack, they will send out soldier wasps. These are the wasps that can sting several times, giving off a ‘smell’ that tells other soldier where the attack is. This is what leads to a swarm type attack in which some people have been stung several times.


Contrary to popular belief, bees are not protected in the UK but are important to the ecological system. They are pollinators, spreading pollen across crops and plants, making them a welcome insect for many gardeners, farmers and other agriculturalist.

But, like wasps the do sting and not many homeowners and businesses are keen on sharing their buildings and close proximity with bees, for obvious reasons. They too can have a swarming habit, when they effectively travel en masse but this is a temporary issue.

How wasps and bees are treated

Bees can be re-located and there are many local bee keepers who will collect and re-home bees. Here at SOS Pest Control we know many local bee keepers and, considering the ecological importance of bees, this is the preferred method of treatment.

Wasps, on the other hand, are exterminated using a powerful, effective chemical that instantly work on the nest. DO NOT ATTEMPT to deal with the wasp nest yourself as some chemicals will simply agitate the wasps, meaning you could be stung!

If you have a wasp nest or a bee colony close to your property, make a call to SOS Pest Control and be safe!

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