Squirrel Control & Removal throughout Kent

In their rightful habitat, scampering around in local woodland, they are a joyous sight but, when they make their way into our homes and commercial premises, they are noisy, destructive and smelly.

Squirrels are part of the rodent family hence, they chew to keep their teeth worn down. This means they will chew and gnaw at almost anything – plastic, pipes, vents, wires, wood and much, much more.

Why do squirrels choose our homes and business to make their homes?

All of us – humans and animals – want somewhere war, dry and safe to raise our young, even better is when there is an ample food supply in close proximity too. And, squirrels, like many other animals are opportunists; if they see a chance to make their nest in the roof space of a building, they take it.

Our homes, especially our gardens, can be the initial aspect that attracts them – the bird feeders, the trees and any food for pets that s left outside. A nice warm building simply tops of this choice with squirrels moving in, to raise their young.
As a result, squirrels inevitably make their way to our attics or the large loft space.

Why do you need to get rid of squirrels?

  • Noise – squirrels within the home (or any building) are noisy! They scrabble about making so much noise it is impossible not to know you have a squirrel within the roof space.
  • Damage – being a gnawing rodent, they cause a lot of damage with the property, very quickly. They eat and gnaw anything, from the wooden trusses and beams within the roof to any electrical wiring or cabling present. This can become a fire hazard and must be dealt with as soon as possible.
  • Disease – like other rodents, squirrels can spread disease. They have insects and parasites that live on them and these can spread disease and ill-health to humans.

Squirrels can make their nests in buildings any time of the year, especially is they can find a way in but they make their nests in late winter/early spring ready for their breeding and nesting ‘season’.

How to get rid of squirrels?

Many people think that poison is the answer but here in the UK, a professional pest control company such as SOS Pest Control, will trap the squirrel and remove it from your property.

After support

We understand that having a pest problem such as squirrels is a nuisance and many customers are worried about the pest ‘coming back’. We will assess your property and recommend any access to your points be covered or filled so that nothing can make its way back in.

Squirrels are not an aggressive rodent but, when being handled, they do need handling with care as they do bite and scratch. With the correct equipment, a pest control company such as SOS Pest Control can trap and safely remove squirrels.

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