Rat & Mice Control & Removal throughout Kent

There is a saying that as humans, we are never more than 6 feet away from a rat but, you’ll be pleased to know, that research now suggest this is an over estimate; in other words, rats in close proximity to humans are not as close as we think.

Rats do prefer to inhabit places that are away from human contact (they dislike us as much we, them!) and so their favoured places to build their nests and raise young, as well as forage for food is in sewers and deserted places, then commercial buildings with large cavernous, but hidden places; you will be pleased to know, they rarely come into occupied buildings like our homes, although our sheds, garages, cellars and outbuildings are always welcome draught-free, warm places to raise their young.

Mice are similar. Although much smaller than a rat, and with the ‘cute factor’, mice still present as many problems as rats:

  • Spreading disease
  • Contaminating food
  • Gnawing materials in and around the property that in some cases, present a series hazard; FIRE!

How do you know you have a rodent problem?

There are many tell-tale signs…

  • Noticing gnawing of materials including anything in storage in out buildings. This gnawing is the rat or mouse shredding materials to make their nest; they will use anything from cardboard to soft furnishings but also electrical wiring too
  • Small droppings in and around the property
  • An unpleasant smell of ‘urine’

Why it is important to get professional help?

Rats and mice are naturally fearful of anything new in their environment, and so laying shop-bought traps and/or poison will be instantly recognised by the rat or mouse, and they will simply avoid it! Professional pest controllers, like SOS Pest Control know how rodents live in their environment:

  • They multiply quickly
  • The spread disease
  • They present a significant hazard

We can sort the problem!

Advice and guidance on avoiding on rodent problems in the future

Rodents – rats and mice – are a nuisance when they decide to share our gardens, outbuildings and even our home with us but they bring disease, as well as some unpleasant habits. On one hand, rats and mice are everywhere but they can be eradicated from domestic buildings and controlled in their numbers around businesses and commercial premises. We work closely with food preparation and service outlets on a regular basis to keep rodents at bay.

If you think you have a problem with rodents, you need to call SOS Pest Control to get rid of your unwanted rodent visitors as soon as possible!

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