Rabbit Control & Removal in Kent

A clear spring morning, watching rabbits scampering around country lanes and fields is a lovely sight BUT, when they numbers are out of control or they start to encroach and damage domestic garden, sport pitches and crops, it is time to call in the experts!

How you know you have a rabbit ‘infestation’

  • Seeing rabbits grazing in the early morning
  • Burrows can normally be seen in banks or hillside, with the entrance or exit normally being around 10-20cm in diameter
  • Rabbit are ‘clean’ animals in that they deposit droppings in certain areas, hence you may see a collection of droppings in one or two different places
  • Paths between burrows and feeding areas tend to be well worn

Preferring short grass such as pasture grazed by sheep or that found on golf courses, as well free-draining and sandy soil although if there is no alternative, they will make their burrows in heavy soil areas.

Did you know…?

Rabbits are crepuscular, meaning they are more active at dawn and dusk. Rabbits, bring an animal that is preyed upon by many, frequently sleep with their eyes open; sudden movement will wake the rabbit, alerting it to danger.

Can rabbits be got rid of completely?

Rabbits have a huge population across the UK. Well known for being prolific breeders, it does not take long for a rabbit family in a burrow to multiply but, it would be nigh on impossible to eradicate rabbits completely.

Control and management are the key factors here and, as experienced pest controllers, we have a variety of methods to get the population under control and then maintain this. Pest control in terms of rabbits is a long term project, rather than a quick fix.

For this reason, we have long term relationships with many landowners, farmers, livery yards and other agricultural settings.

Helping you out with your rabbit problem is easy for professional pest controller, like SOS Pest Control…

Knowing how rabbits live their daily life is important but we also understand that in public areas, we need to ensure that the public are not disturbed by the methods and measures used…

The methods at our disposal include:

  • Fencing
  • Gassing
  • shooting

We offer a discreet, but humane trapping of rabbits in an effective, long term solution to controlling the rabbit population in and around your property, whether that is a domestic residence, a sporting facility, hotel or country estate.
But, it is a marathon not a sprint and some customers will need a longer term relationship with us than others. Specialists in dealing with rabbit control on farms and agricultural land, if you need effective rabbit control methods, then contact us today!

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