Insect Control & Removal throughout Kent

There are so many insects and spiders in the UK, that it can be difficult to list them all! Most of these insects live in our world without causing us too much problem – until you find a common garden spider in the bath!

Common insect infestations we deal with include;

  • Spiders of all kinds
  • Silver fish
  • Beetles, including carpet beetle
  • Fleas
  • Bedbugs
  • Flies
  • Wasps
  • Bees
  • Woodworm
  • And many, many more

However, like other pests, their numbers can multiply and become an infestation and when this happens, you need a quick, effective and efficient response.

The first step…

… is the identify the insect or bug in question. This can be easily done, in most cases, by simply looking at the bug itself, as well as any droppings or other marks in the area. Occasionally, we are presented with a situation where the identity of the insect is in doubt. As a professional company, we have access to a huge nationwide database that will help in identifying the insect, as well as the treatment that is needed.

Once we know what we are dealing with, we then need to objectively assess and measure the infestation, so that we can apply the right amount of insecticide or other treatment; too little and it will be ineffective and too much is simply wasted money.

Treatment is only one half of the answer!

Once effective treatment has been applied, the important second half of the process is the deep-cleaning that is needed. This is required as insects are small, their eggs and young are even smaller and they need to be extracted from the smallest of crevices! Failure to do this could result in the problem re-occurring, even if the eggs and young lay dormant for months when the conditions are right, they will simply ‘come back to life!’

If you think you have an insect problem, call us to get the right advice and treatment!

Insect myths

There are however, many myths around insect infestations meaning that many customers are embarrassed about a pest problem, attempting in many cases to resolve their problem themselves with a variety of shop bought remedies. However, it is the case with infestations of this kind that by the time you have noticed you have a problem, the problems is deep-rooted than you think. As a result, shop bought or DIT remedies inevitably fail.

Here at SOS Pest Control, we want to assure you that we deal with all types of pest problems and infestation all the time, and empathise with your embarrassment ad understand just how uncomfortable, unpleasant and distressing any pest problem is for you.

This is why we offer a responsive and effective pest control service. Insects, like other pests, are attracted to our homes because they are warm and clean – not because they are dirty - dispelling the myth that insect infestations only happen where hygiene or cleanliness are in doubt; this is not the case!

As soon as you spot a problem, call SOS Pest Control and get rid of your bugs!

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