Flea Treatments & Control throughout Kent

Fleas are a common problem in households where there are pets present but also when people move into homes that once had pets living in them. We work with all customers, from those with flea problems at home to letting agents and estate agents, with properties to manage, let and sell.

Fleas are a common problem, and once one has made their way into the home, with the carpets, rugs and ample soft furnishings, the flea makes themselves at home, quickly breeding and laying eggs. They prefer warm, draught free homes and our homes are perfect! Our central heated homes, with plenty of moisture and an abundant source of food – humans and pets in some cases.

A biting insect, many people find their home being infested with fleas a distressing experience but, you will be pleased to know that when you call SOS Pest Control, it will a problem dealt with quickly and effectively.

Getting rid of fleas

A minor outbreak can be dealt with by an intensive cleaning from vacuuming carpets (taking care when emptying the vacuum contents as the fleas may still be alive), as well as vacuuming in the small crevices normally missed during routine housework.
Soft furnishings will also need careful vacuuming and all pets will need treating too. In the UK in recent years, there has been an increase in the flea infestation that many industry experts believe is as a result of incorrect use of flea treatment for pets.

However, a more persistent or infestation on a larger scale will need the expert services of SOS Pest Control!

The flea and how they are eradicated

Flea infestations are a common problem that we are called to deal with, and there is no need to be embarrassed!

It is not a sign of poor housekeeping or cleanliness; fleas, like many other pests find the conditions in our homes the perfect place to live – warm, dry and with an abundant food supply. The flea is black or dark brown in colour, with the female laying between 4 to 8 eggs after a ‘blood meal’ (in other words, biting pets or humans). They can also feed on pigs, deer and foxes too.

Many people find small flea bites on the lower leg area as fleas jump from pets, carpets, bedding and furnishings with many of us finding these bites very itchy and unpleasant.

In severe, well-established cases, fumigation is an option especially if the premises are vacant but, what would need to follow is an intensive cleaning programme. In occupied properties, we have a range of other chemical treatments that can be applied that are harmless to humans and pets, but lethal to the flea. Likewise, a period of intensive cleaning will be needed and pets will also need o b treated with appropriate treatment, preferably from vets rather than shop bought remedies (the strength and flea resilience varies from product to product).

Fleas can multiply quickly with a flea problem becoming an infestation in a short period of time. Shop bought remedies are not always effective; what you need is the expert services of SOS Pest Control and their professional services and treatments

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