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Think you have a pest problem? You need SOS Pest Control serving the CT Area!

You will be amazed at how many pests we have come across and have treated, leaving customers free from the nuisance of birds, rodents, insects and unwanted animals in their homes, businesses and gardens.

The Perfect Environment

Most pests - whether bird, animal, insect or rodent – have habits, likes and dislikes just like us humans and when it comes to choosing a home to raise their young, the similarities are amazing; just like us, the vast majority of pests like a home that is safe, dry, weather-proof and with an abundant supply of food. Our homes and businesses are in the main, the perfect spot.

They make their way in to our properties, unseen and undetected sometimes by accident on clothes or in bags but others, deliberately make their way in like mice choosing a cellar or rats choosing a garage.

The Weather

When weather patterns change this can also influence where, why and how pests make their way into buildings.

Periods of prolonged wet weather, accompanied by flooding, for example, force many pests from their natural habitats to look elsewhere for nesting sites. Mice and rats start to look in outbuildings and homes for places to nest, where they are dry and warm with plenty of food and nesting material close by.

The Built Environment

As humans, we encroach on their habitat too, meaning that some pests become confused or find themselves effectively ‘homeless’. A common pest, the nightmare of many a gardener, is the mole. Surrounded by buildings and other concrete structures, moles find their tunnels diverted meaning they end up in the middle of bowling greens, football pitches, rugby grounds, as well as gardens.

Our Habits

Unwittingly, we can also encourage pests by feeding them or our ‘green’ habits of composting and recycling also make reliable sources of food for many animals, rodents, birds and insects. We need to make sure that our habits and routines do not attract unwanted guests!

What makes a pest?

When the population becomes out of control or they begin to encroach on our living and working environment, an animal, insect, rodent or bird is considered a pest. It is important to seek professional advice, as some pests carry and spread disease.

How to choose a pest control company?

Pest control is not simply about laying poison and hoping for the best. There is far more to consider, especially when it comes to balancing the effectiveness of treatment and the safety of you, your family and pets.

  • Qualified – we hold a variety of certificates and have completed many specialist courses in many pest control areas, including the industry certificate awarded by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) and the BPCA (British Pest Control Association). Each controller has an RSPH Award meaning they can be trusted to provide a safe service, and have the ability to deal with rodents, animals, birds and insects, as well as the safe transportation, storage and use of chemicals.
  • Experienced – we have a long history of working with many customers, looking at pest control and management, as well as working with customers on ‘one-off’ pest eradication job. We service long term contracts too, for a variety of businesses including farmers, agricultural settings etc. as well a housing providers including social housing, landlords, tenants, letting agents and estate agents. We also have access to a wide range of different pest control solutions and a specialised laboratory to help us diagnose those really rare pests that occasionally pop up.

In fact, we deal with any pest in any situation or place, inside and outside the home or business with a discreet and responsive pest control service.

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Areas covered

We cover all CT postcodes including:

Beltinge, Betteshanger, Birchington-on-Sea, Blean, Broad Oak, Broadstairs, Broomfield, Canterbury, Capel-le-Ferne, Chartham, Cheriton, Chestfield, Cliffsend, Cliftonville, Deal, Densole, Eastry, Eddington, Etchinghill, Fordwich, Great Mongeham, Great Stonar, Greenhill, Harbledown, Hawkinge, Herne Bay, Herne, Hythe, Kingsdown, Lyminge, Lympne, Manston, Margate, Minster-in-Thanet, Monkton, Newingreen, Newington, Northwood, Postling, Ramsgate, Reculver, Richborough Ringwould, Ripple, Rough Common, Saltwood, Sandgate, Sandwich, Sarre, Acol, Seasalter, Sholden, St Nicholas-at-Wade, St Peters, Sturry, Swalecliffe, Tankerton, Tilmanstone, Tyler Hill, Walmer, West Hythe, Westbere, Westenhanger Westgate-on-Sea, Whitstable, Woodnesborough, Worth, Yorkletts