Cockroach Control & Removal throughout Kent

Cockroaches are unpleasant insects that many people associate with dirty places and poor hygiene. Here at SOS Pest Control, we work with both domestic customers as well as business customers, especially those in the food service industry where the need to deal with any pest problem, but especially cockroaches, is an immediate concern, as well as a discreet one.

They are also unpleasant for the disease they can spread within the home and business premises and so, just for this health risk alone, if you spot a cockroach or two, call SOS Pest Control immediately.

Cockroaches are a resilient insect that breed rapidly, hence they become quickly establish and what starts as seeing one or two hopping about, soon becomes an infestation of massive proportions.

Spot the signs:

  • Small black/brown cylinder droppings if there is no water available
  • But, if there is water, droppings will become black/brown smears
  • With large infestations in particular, there will be an unpleasant smell
  • As they mature, they also shed their skin 5 to 8 times and so you may find some discarded skins around
  • Cockroaches are nocturnal, carrying out their searches for food during night time hours, eating anything from human food to books, packaging, fabrics, hamster droppings etc.

Treating a cockroach infestation

Like other insects, there are thousands of different species of cockroaches but in the UK, we tend to deal with the same 3 –

  • German cockroach – brown in colour, they have sticky pads on their feet meaning they can climb up smooth surfaces, such as glass. They scuttle about mainly but, if it warm enough they can fly and prefer the wet, humid conditions found in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Oriental cockroach – darker brown in colour these insects cannot fly and prefer cool, damp places such as basements, drains and rubbish tips
  • American cockroach – is reddish-brown in colour and also prefers dark, humid places where they can breed and search for food undisturbed by humans.

How to prevent cockroaches

There is no doubt that a cockroach is attracted by the lure of food and so the clearing away of food and spillages need to be done quickly and effectively. Likewise, keeping things tidy and orderly in food preparation and storage areas will also go some way in preventing these insects from making their home in your kitchen.

SOS Pest Control are experienced in dealing with cockroach problems and like all pest problems, it is a problem better dealt with quickly, with professional-grade chemical treatments. As resilient insects, they need careful, yet effective treatment. This treatment starts with identifying the species, treating the infestation, followed by intensive cleaning into the smallest of crevices.

It may take more than one treatment, depending on the magnitude of the problem, but as with all pest control calls we receive, we also take time to look at prevention; sealing cracks in walls, around sockets etc., is an effective preventative measure as it blocks the access of cockroaches to your home or building.

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