Picture the scene… it is a warm summer’s day and you decide to dine ‘al fresco’, enjoying the afternoon sun and chattering with friends. But the peace and tranquillity is shattered by shrieking birds, dive bombing seagulls and pigeon droppings landing on the picnic table.

It is time to deal with the bird problem!  
Here at SOS Pest Control we have helped thousands of customers either completely get rid of their pest, or to control and manage the numbers so that damage and inconvenience is kept to a minimum.
Birds of all types, including pigeons, are common pests that people need help with and you will be pleased to know there are a variety of methods and treatments to do this, although some and more successful than others…

Why do birds and pigeons need to be dealt with?

Birds and pigeons cause numerous problems, the obvious being the droppings that can not only make your property, exterior walls and pathways unsightly, there is a far more serious problems…

  • Disease – although you may commonly associate salmonella with uncooked chicken, this can also be found in bird droppings, as well as listeria and campylobacter. Pigeons also transmit ornithosis to humans, the symptoms of which are commonly mistaken for flu.
  • Insects – bird nests are home to not just birds and their chicks, they are a hive of blood-feeding insects as well as harbouring little critters that can infest our homes, and use our clothes, soft furnishings and us as sources of food! These insects can carry disease too, making for some unpleasant diseases.
  • Safety – one of the biggest reasons why customers contact us to deal with birds and pigeons is the safety issue associated with excessive droppings, not just in terms of the disease that can be spread but also in terms of slipping.
  • Damage – we’ve already hinted at how bird droppings can make a building look unsightly, but droppings also damage the fabric of a buildings, as well as being foul smelling and generally unpleasant.
  • Aircraft damage – excessive birds around airport also pose a serious threat to planes and other aircraft, which is why most airports invest in teams to continual scare and manage the threat of bird strike. Known to have catastrophic effects, it is clear why birds and pigeons need controlling.

What about DIY solutions?

Like most things, there are various treatments and remedies available for you to buy from your local hardware store or similar, all that promise instant results with your bird or pigeon problem.
One such remedy is to buy a ‘scare owl’. Varying in price, these realistic looking owl ‘ornament’ is placed on the roof. Pigeons are scared of owls and, providing the owl is moved from time to time, many people say that this method has worked.

However, in all honesty, if you only have a few pigeons causing a nuisance then this may work but if you have a serious bird issue, then there is no substitute for calling in the experts.

What do the experts do?

Pest control experts are qualified and trained in all aspects of pest control and management. Not all pest control is about eradication; some animals need controlling, with their numbers keeping in check and birds are one of those pests.
Pigeons are well known as pests; in fact, ask any city centre manager and they will roll their eyes, telling you stories of how much damage pigeons cause in town and city centres across the UK.
Controlling and managing bird numbers is a marathon, not a sprint. Solutions need to be effective over the longer term and here at SOS Pest Control we use a variety of different methods.

Discreet bird scaring

In order to keep pigeons and other birds away from your building, you are not necessarily looking for a scarecrow and a loud gunshot blasting every 20 minutes. There are electrical bird scaring devices, such as Avi-Shock that scare birds away without harming them, or being noticeable.
Barely visible, this system is a track device that is install on ledges and buildings of roofs and delivers a small electric shock when birds land on it. Hence they fly away, looking for somewhere else to roost. Comparable to an electric fence for farm animals, this is an incredibly humane way of preventing birds and pigeons from landing on buildings and causing the unsightly mess and damage that they do.


Look at larger buildings in a town or city, and you may notice a series of spikes on ledges and rooftops. Made from metal or plastic, these spike are designed to be installed where pigeons and birds land and perch; you will also see something similar on the top of lamp posts. These spikes are another form of humane prevention; no bird or pigeon will be harmed!


However, it is fair to say that not every customers, domestic or business, wants spikes on their rooftops and ledges, preferring for something more discreet and less noticeable. In this case, the answer may lie in bird netting. Gardeners of course, use such netting to protect fruit bushes and the like from birds, and the same principle is applied when placing netting on a building. The nylon netting is securely fixed and prevents all birds, including pigeons, from landing on the building, thus protecting it from damage. Incredibly effective, it also blends with the building, making it far less obvious. Many building, including domestic properties plagued by pigeons and birds often have this on their roof tops.
There are other solutions too, including culling but all pest control assignments of this nature need careful assessment by professional pest controllers, like SOS Pest Control, and the right treatment and control tactics deployed.

Are all types of bird a pest?

If they are a nuisance and cause damage, then yes any bird can be a pest but, it is important to seek professional advice regarding any bird or pigeon issue. This is simply because some birds are protected and in order to manage their numbers, or prevent them damaging your property, only certain methods should be used that do not harm the bird in any way.

Choosing the right pest control company

If you have a problem with birds, whether that is sparrow, pigeons, seagulls, starlings or any other bird, getting the right advice as well as the right company to complete the job correctly is important; it will leave you relatively bird-free as well as better off in the longer term, without expensive damage to repair.
Dealing with birds inevitably means working at height, another reason why it is probably best to leave it to the experts. Here at SOS Pest Control we are not only professional pest controllers, but competent and efficient at working at height, all the current health & safety laws and regulations as well as being experts on bird behaviour.

Don’t take chances! Get the experts in and enjoy eating ‘al fresco’ once again!