How to Handle Different Types of Pests

Pest control services are a great way to deal with the problem in your home, but how do you, first of all, identify what kind of pest you’re dealing with, and second of all, handle it for yourself while you’re waiting for pest control services?

Depending on the type of pest that you are dealing with, there are half a dozen things that you can do. It’s important to remember that pest control provides a humane solution, but we can get on with our jobs a lot faster once we know what the issue is.

Rats and Mammals

The first big kind of problem that you need to keep an eye on when it comes to pest control is rats and mammals. These are generally past the caramel in the countryside because they have more places to live, but occasionally, these types of animals will enter human dwellings because they are looking for food or some form of shelter from the elements. Generally speaking, the summertime is more likely to see a rise in past infections that are rat and mammal based.

Try and take a look for signs of damage that can include very small teeth or claw marks. If you see any small access points under your house that look like they’ve been forced recently, that might be a key indicator. If you find any animal droppings in your home that you don’t recognise, this is also a good sign that the past has been through the area recently.

Insect Infections

The problem with rats and mammals is that most of the time they are very afraid of humans so they stay in small, dark areas, and won’t come out if they can hear you. Insects don’t have that issue, which makes them a lot easier to track. If you happen to spot more insects in your home than usual, try and see if they’re coming from a certain place. Things like hives and breeding grounds can build up in dark, peaceful conditions where the insects feel it is safe to build a home.

Generally speaking, you will know quite early on if you have an insect infestation. Insects generally tend to populate the area in large groups, which means if you suddenly see a lot of bees in your house, there might be a hive somewhere in your property. If this happens, you need to try and find it. Don’t disturb it, however – leave that to us.

Final Thoughts

So, being able to identify different types of pests is obviously very important. You need to make sure that you have worked out what it is before you contact us if possible because this makes our jobs a lot easier. Obviously, we are more than happy to identify the problem for you if you cannot do so yourself, but it should be fairly straightforward to tell the difference at least between insect infestation and mammal infestations. The two behave in very different ways!