Carpet Beetle Control & Removal throughout Kent

Carpet beetle larvae are notoriously difficult to spot, often living in hard-to-reach areas of your home but how do you know you have these unwanted guests, living in your carpet?

Spotting the signs of carpet beetle

Adult carpet beetles are oval-shaped, but only reach between 2 to 4 mm in length. Their larvae are equally as small and grub like in appearance. Mainly brown in colour, with white and yellow markings, they are covered in short bristly hairs. They tend to stay out of sight, hiding away in folds of blankets or clothing etc., stored in cupboards and wardrobes too. But, they can be seen making their way along the edges of walls or window sills.

They live for around 3 years and for small insects, they have ferocious appetites; they can eat through carpets, clothing, soft furnishings as well as natural materials such as hair, feathers, wool, cotton and linen. Like humans, they like a warm, dry environment with an abundant source of food in their immediate vicinity, making our central heated homes the perfect place.

How do carpet beetles get into your house?

Carpet beetles are by nature, an outdoor insect but once mated, the female looks for a suitable place to lay her eggs; many look for unused birds’ nest but on looking for suitable places, they can find their way into our homes. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae then feed on any natural fibres in the area but once they have exhausted this supply, they look for other sources of food.

For such a small insect, they are adept and quick at being able to travel around the house quickly and undetected. As they prefer dark, undisturbed places they can live for a long time, undetected by their human house guests!

How to get rid of carpet beetles?

As with all pest problems, prevention is always better than cure so keep the exterior of your homes clear and free from old or disused birds’ nests, the prime location that carpet beetles will look for when searching for an egg laying site.

In particular, if you have spotted a grub or two, take some time to look in small, dark places, especially those areas close to hot water pipes etc. Carpet beetle like warmth! It may be possible to stop the problem developing into an infestation by taking time to identify the ‘source’ but, if you are still unsure, we will can survey your home, giving you honest feedback regarding any pest issues.

If you are going to store items such as clothing, seal these tightly in plastic bags with the clothes freshly laundered too. Regular vacuuming, especially of the ‘unseen’ areas under furniture etc. can also remove the larvae but…

… if you think you already have an infestation of carpet beetle, get the expert opinion of SOS Pest Control. With a variety of chemical treatments and methods at our disposal, we can soon have your home carpet beetle free!

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