Bird, Pigeon & Seagull Control & Proofing throughout Kent

Generally, birds are encouraged into our gardens, recognising the important part they play in the eco-system as well as being interesting and colourful characters.

But, some birds in great numbers can cause damage to the fabric of buildings, as well as unsightly mess with droppings that present a health hazard.

Pigeons and seagulls are common birds that we receive many calls for assistance with, as they are two birds that are established in cities and towns, both inland and along the coast.

Here at SOS Pest Control, we believe we provide the best, professional bird proofing service that will see the number of birds roosting and nesting on buildings decrease quickly; our methods promise long term results as well as humane methods too.

Methods used

Rather than paying expensive repair and cleaning bills, why not invest in a variety of bird proofing equipment instead?

  • Netting and spikes prevent birds roosting on buildings, preventing a build-up of droppings that quickly damages the fabric of a building
  • Caps over chimneys and etc., prevent birds from nesting on buildings too
  • There are also a variety of equipment that can be used that mimic some of the birds natural predators in real life; these realistic ‘ornaments’ can be placed on the roof and sills, making the pigeons and seagulls etc., being unsure as to whether they want to land there.

But aren’t some of these birds protected?

In order to preserve the balance in the ecological system, birds are a needed as part of the balance of nature. If you have any bird issue, from nesting birds to young with aggressive parents, do not attempt to deal with the issue yourself! Call the experts.

What else can you do?

Many people feed birds in their garden and this is not an issue, providing that it is done correctly and you are encouraging the right kind of bird into your garden. Feeding garden birds should be done with bird seed rather than scraps of food. There are also a variety of bird feeders o the market that discourages the larger birds such as seagulls and pigeons from visiting your garden.

Likewise, throwing large scraps of unwanted ‘human’ food on the lawn or ground will encourage not only seagulls and pigeons but also other pets, such as rats and mice.

But there are many other methods too, but only professional pest controllers are able to use these methods. We begin by making a thorough assessment of the bird problem, access to the building and what the best preventative methods to use will be. We work with domestic customers, plagued by nests and protective bird parents, to large commercial businesses with premises and customers to protect. Stop spending money on building repairs and invest in bird proofing methods from the expert, SOS Pest Control.

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