Bedbug Treatments & Control throughout Kent

Small, parasitic insect, bedbugs are becoming an increasing problem in many UK homes. They are unknowingly and unwittingly brought into our homes on luggage, clothing or second-hand furniture.

An embarrassing problem?

Not many customers like to admit to having bed bugs; like many other insect infestations, many people believe it is as a result of their home being ‘dirty’ or lack of personal hygiene. But bed bugs are just like all other types of pest – rather than being attracted to dirt, they are attracted to clean places, especially those that are warm, with a ready supply of food.

Spotting bed bugs is difficult but there are some tell-tale signs;

  • Adult bed bugs look like lentils, small oval, disc shaped insects that can be seen in the bed covers but, many people think this is the extent of the problem and do not take action
  • Bed bugs multiply quickly and in high numbers, with the eggs and young being almost invisible to the human eye
  • If you notice a line of bites on you when you wake up in the morning, this may be a sign of bed bugs (fleas and other insects have a random ‘pattern’ of bites
  • Likewise, you may also see spots of blood on the bed clothes as the bed bugs are squashed by their human hosts

Are they as a result of poor hygiene?

No, bed bugs find their way into our homes in so many different ways but, treatment is only a part of the solution. Washing and drying bed clothes as a temperature higher than 60° is necessary as bed bugs have been known to survive temperatures lowers then this. This includes all duvets, bed throws, pillows, cushions and the like.

Why prompt and thorough treatment is important

Small enough to crawl from in-between walls and floor cavities, they can even move between properties and become a big problem, very quickly. The adult can also lay dormant for many months, without feeding so when you think the problem has gone away, it could spring back into life…

Bed bugs are inherently lazy insects, preferring to stay close to their food source, with their preferred place of living to be our beds. This way, they can feed at night by biting us humans and sucking blood. Unlike flea bites which tend to be random, bedbugs bite in a straight line.

Bed bug treatments

There are many remedies and chemical treatments that can be bought but what many customers do not realise is that this is only have the treatment story; any treatment needs to be followed by intensive cleaning as eggs can be laid in the smallest cracks and crevices and unless these are removed, the infestation will re-appear.

Getting expert help is a sure fire way of getting rid of your bedbug problem quickly and for good. Offering a discreet service, SOS Pest Control can use professional-grade chemical treatments, only available to professional companies like us, leaving your home bug free in next-to-no-time!

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