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Picture the scene… it is a warm summer’s day and you decide to dine ‘al fresco’, enjoying the afternoon sun and chattering with friends. But the peace and tranquillity is shattered by shrieking birds, dive bombing seagulls and pigeon droppings landing on the picnic table. It is time to deal with the bird problem!   […]

How Do I Identify A Wasp Or A Bee?

HOW TO IDENTIFY A WASP & A BEE? Common to all areas of the UK, many people live in fear of the warmer weather knowing it will bring with it wasps and bees. With people fearful of the sting they can deliver, it pays to know about these insects and their habits so that you […]

How Do I Get Rid Of Fleas?

HOW DO I GET RID OF FLEAS? Possibly one of the most annoying enemies of the modern-day pet owner, fleas can be a real nuisance as well as incredibly difficult to get rid of. Unfortunately, many of us are still wracked with embarrassment to ‘admit’ our homes have fleas and so delay calling in the […]

How To Get Rid Of Rats

HOW TO GET RID OF RATS If there is one word guaranteed to send shivers down even the bravest of spines, it is ‘rats’! Warm-blooded rodents that are literally everywhere in the world, they seem to have survived all natural and man-made catastrophes known to man. Thankfully, we rarely see them as they do not […]

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

HOW TO GET RID OF COCKROACHES There are thought to be 4,600 identified species of cockroach found across the globe, of which 30 present a nuisance to humans. Here in the UK, we deal with only 3 of these species of cockroach but regardless of the statistics and figures, the thought of cockroaches marauding across the kitchen […]

Need Wildlife Management In Kent?

NEED WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT IN KENT? When pest control is mentioned, we think of squirrels in attics, rats in the cellar and moles digging up the lawn; we may also think about the creepy-crawlies that mysteriously find their way in to our homes and businesses too. What we rarely associate with pest control is wildlife management. […]

How To Get Rid Of Garden Moles In Kent

HOW TO GET RID OF GARDEN MOLES IN KENT? Garden moles are widespread through Britain, but absent from Ireland and, in the main, cause us very few issues… except when their mole hills suddenly appear overnight, dotted around the lawn of your Kent garden! Solitary creatures, they live in a system of tunnels, preferring loose, […]

Do You Have Squirrels In Your Loft in Kent?

DO YOU HAVE SQUIRRELS IN YOUR LOFT OR ATTIC IN KENT? Squirrels can be delightful creatures. Scampering through the woods, chasing each other round and round tree trunks, squirrels on the whole present us humans with very few issues. In fact, in the majority of cases, people are more annoyed with them pinching seed from […]

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

HOW TO GET RID OF BEDBUGS IN KENT… Bedbugs, about the size of an apple seed when fully grown, lurk in the smallest cracks and crevices within the home or property. Having lived on human blood for centuries, these parasites are stubborn creatures to get rid of; many people think that they can effectively deal […]


When Spring arrives, the weather starts to feel warmer and the nights are lighter for longer. Spring also means the emergence of some new pests that could cause you some issues if they gain access to your home. Below are just a few pests to keep an eye out for this Spring. Ants Ants can […]