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Infested with ants? You need help!

Ants are all around us; small and insignificant they live happily in the garden and outbuildings but occasionally, they can find their way into our homes which can cause us some distress and discomfort.

They are important to gardeners and other keen land owners as they are a food source for many birds, some of which are welcome in to the garden. Ants are of course, the food stuffs of many birds and larger insects; most of the time, we are happy to share our garden or outdoor space with them.

Creatures of habit, they are hard workers, and once one ant has found a delightful food source, the others will follow. But they are an ordered community, and rather than having a scatter gun approach, ants can be seen walking in an orderly fashion, one lane towards the food source and other lane, walking back to nest.

There are many different species of ant, some more common than others with very few that are found in the UK presenting any health issues to humans, although some can give a nasty, itchy bite.

Ants, no matter what kind, are empire builders are so they are constantly looking for opportunities to expand this empire…

  • Entry – being so very small, they can sneak in through the smallest crack looking for water, sweet or greasy-type food hence they are common site making their way into the kitchen
  • Leaving a trail – as a single ant make their way into your home, looking for the perfect food substance, they leave an invisible trail to humans but a delightful smelling, inviting chemical trail to other ants… meaning that before you know it, you have hundreds ir not thousands of ants making their way to your kitchen!
  • Nesting sites – they nest in so places in and around the home, including lawns, walls, tree stumps and in many cases, in the foundations of buildings
  • The colony – the numbers in an ant colony are staggering so it is easy to see with between 300,000 and 500,000 ants how quickly an ant infestation can occur
  • Lifetime – a colony is not a short lived family; worker ants can live up ti 7 years with the queen ant living up to 15 years
  • Do it yourself remedies – there are many chemicals and methods that you can buy BUT you are only killing the ants that you can see; SOS Pest Control has far more effective methods

The thought of ants running around our kitchen, as well as other areas of our home as well as our food is not a welcome thought. Small infestations can be dealt with quickly and so if you see the odd ant or two running around, rather than wasting money, time and energy, call in the pest control experts who, in a short space of time, will rid you of you ant ‘infestation’.

SOS Pest Control can deal quickly and effectively with ants, applying chemicals and treatments that are not harmful to pets in the home or humans.

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